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North Springs Managers

Player Pitching Rules

Pitch counts and days of rest are outlined in the Little League green rulebook.  Review the maximum number of pitches allowed per game by age group, and the number of days rest needed between games, based on the number of pitches thrown.  There are rules for catchers also when they may or may not be eligible to pitch during a game. As managers and coaches, you are responsible to keep track of players pitch counts and ensure that pitchers are getting the proper amount of rest needed. Any use of an ineligible pitcher will result in a one-game suspension of the manager.
To keep track of pitches, use the pitching log (click on link) or a pitch counter, and designate a team parent to keep track of pitches during the game, between each inning.  To log how many pitches each player threw during the game and when they are eligible to pitch again, use the pitching affidavit (click on link).  Verify with the opposing team in between each 1/2 inning that the counts match, then have the form signed by the opposing manager after each game, verifying the totals.  You will prevent any disputes after games, and before your next one.

Approved Baseball Bats

The use of illegal bats will disqualify players from games and tournaments. Click on the link below for a list of approved baseball bats that can only be used in North Springs Little League:
‚ÄčLittle League Approved Bats

Eligible Managers and Coaches

Each volunteer within the Little League system is required to go through a background check. If you are interested in managing a team, please download and fill out the Sponsor Form, and the Volunteer application.  If you are interested in coaching a team and supporting the manager, please download and fill out the Volunteer Application. All managers and coaches must be approved by the Board of Directors and must have a paid team sponsor.

Little League University

Little League International, and North Springs Little League, recognizes and appreciates the challenges that come with being a Little League Manager or Coach, so it has developed a FREE online coaching resource that Little League Managers and Coaches can turn to for reference, education or to stay current with the latest drills and coaching techniques, Little League University.